Whether you’re ready to get your Jeep or Ram vehicle ready for the season ahead or just want to catch up on some overdue maintenance work, Richardson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is ready to help. We’ve got a team of certified technicians capable of any service or repair and we always use factory approved parts, so the work done on your vehicle matches the level of quality when it was first driven off of the assembly line. We make it easy for you to schedule the services you need and may even offer a discount on common maintenance and repairs.

While how often your brake pads need replacement really depends on unique circumstances like typical route or driving style, you don’t want to put it off once your brakes start squeaking. Not only are worn brake pads a safety issue, but they can also cost more money by damaging your rotors if you delay service. If you notice a loss of brake performance, bring your vehicle in immediately for either brake pad replacement or an inspection of your brakes’ hydraulic system.

Another maintenance issue you don’t want to neglect is an oil change. In the long run, you’ll save money by not prematurely aging your engine, and in the short term, you’ll save money at the gas pump due to the increased engine efficiency. Changing your various engine filters can also make it easier for your engine to perform efficiently. We can also take a look at hoses, gaskets, and belts to make sure there’s no splitting or fraying, and we can top up your engine fluids keep everything running smoothly.

We won’t neglect your tires, either; from pressure and tread checks to a tire rotation, we’ll ensure a smooth ride. Trust with the experts in Standish, MI when it comes to your Jeep or Ram.

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